About ARLU

the reference for opening doors

ARLU is the manufacturer behind the brand names argenta® for interior solutions and rob® for exterior solutions.

argenta - invisible neo

the brand argenta®

Sleekly designed interior solutions

For over 100 years, argenta® has been a leading brand in door fittings, but now, it is mainly synonymous with invisible door systems.

Minimalist architecture is based on sleek lines and a ‘back-to-basics’ mentality. In terms of interior doors, this results in integrated door fittings and invisibly integrated techniques for door frames and skirting boards. All this for hinged, sliding, and pivoting doors.

rob - folding shutters

the brand rob®

Durable outdoor hardware

Rob® has been a pioneering brand in outdoor hardware for more than 80 years.

The focus is still on offering a complete range of technologies to effortlessly open and close doors and shutters of all shapes and sizes. Whether they slide, fold or tilt, flawless movement starts with reliable hardware. Due to their design and inconspicuous integration, rob® products provide the ideal combination of user-friendliness and a flawless look.